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Meditation is a mental discipline, which puts Joint Pain Hack individuals in a deep state of relaxation, higher state of consciousness, and beyond normal default thinking. For many years it has been linked with various religions. I have dabbled in meditation my entire life. What I discovered, as with most disciplines, is a daily practice is optimal. In August 2007, I joined a free global guided meditation practice, which is led by Life Coaches, and meets daily on a telephone conference line.

After months of experiencing a positive attitude shift, I became a meditation leader. I prepare for meditation by wearing loose fitting clothes, reclined in a comfortable chair, and in comfortable room, which is free of distractions. Since the meditation that my colleagues and I lead is delivered over the phone, the participants find it easy to relax in their own atmosphere. Reportedly, some have actually gone to sleep during the meditation.

For those of us that experience chronic pain, meditation is a great way to take your mind off the pain, soften the muscles, and focus on deep breathing. Oftentimes the pain causes us to hold our breath. It is important to learn to breathe into the pain and imagine it dissolving with each breath. When I experience pain or am feeling stressed, I check in on my breathing.