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In some cases, pain occurs as a direct Joint Pain Hackresponse to adhesions attaching to nerves. This is generally experienced as a sharp or piercing pain. In other cases, adhesions can create a pull into broad areas or larger pain-sensitive structures, such as muscles, organs, and their support tissues. In this case, pain may come with certain movements or body positions. This pain may be specific, but is usually duller than with adhesions that have attached more directly to nerves.

Post-surgical adhesion symptoms can range from confusing and annoying to totally debilitating. In the digestive tract, they can decrease the ability to move or digest food. In the case of bowel obstructions, they can become life threatening. In women, they can impair reproductive function and cause infertility.

Strict adherence to doctor's orders are important in helping to heal after surgery. Medications to reduce pain and inflammation can help the body heal faster along with following the post-surgical guidelines the physician prescribes for rest, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.