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= Mandelbrot / N-Cube is een platform en ruimte voor samenwerking tussen ondernemers

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Engelstalige beschrijving

"Mandelbrot is a network organisation of independent complementary companies in the digital, creative and communication sector. Through co-working without engaging in the same projects, Mandelbrot acts as an incubator for small-medium companies and start-ups.

They strongly believe in a horizontally structured organisation where every company is on the same level (no hierarchy). Bart Waes, the initiator of Mandelbrot/N-cube, strongly believes in the importance of the horizontal spatial organisation of N-cube, where all the offices are on the same floor.

Mandelbrot works as an interface between the companies and the clients, it creates a platform and a known face for companies that join the Mandelbrot network. It is a platform and so has added value for the branding of the associated companies. N-cube, on the other hand, manages the building and provides services like stocking the coffee-corner. Apart from the purely practical side of things, N-cube tries to create a community feel at the collective by organising team-building sessions, social and educational activities.

Mandelbrot/N-cube are actively searching for ways to organise the space the network inhabits in order to maximize chance encounters and so enable spontaneous collaboration and knowledge echange between employees. They do this by leaving the space as undivided as possible, and where walls are necessary, they are done in glass. The informal spaces scattered around the landscape office are also intended to enhance the chance of informal encounter and stimulate social contact between employees of the different companies." (