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= "LABORATORIUM is the (open and) experimental lab for art/design and biotechnology at KASK / School of Arts Ghent. As a biolab in art and design it focuses on exploring different interactions between art, science and technology". [1]

URL = http://laboratorium.bio/index.php/


"The lab is a place for practice-based experimentation, research and education. The lab is open. It invites artists, designers, scientists and other interested parties to engage in a process of creative cross-pollination. Participants get a basic introduction to the functioning and principles of the lab, but are encouraged to bring in and open up their own backgrounds, creative methodologies, artistic practices and research questions.

From 2016 up until the end of 2018 an initial research project is being conducted at the lab focusing on new ways of creating colours. This Color Research project is led by María Boto and explores different approaches to the production and application of living, sustainable and/or open colours by making use of waste or living organisms

The lab is located at the Media Arts Studio of KASK, neighboring the Formlab. The Formlab is offering high-end tools and support for 3D additive technologies. Establishing links between the realms of biotechnology and 3D printing is one of their main key interests." (http://laboratorium.bio/index.php/about-laboratorium/)